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The Freedom to Practice in Peace

Your WISP is only the beginning. Total IRS Cyber Security Compliance for Tax Preparers with Ransomware Rollback™.


Accidents happen. Now you have a do-over.

A WISP Tailored for Your Individual Business


Receive both an IRS Cyber Security Plan and Action Plan.  Periodic updates to your IRS Written Information Security Plan with experts certified with the AICPA in line with Publication 5708 keeps your business legally compliant.

Unmatched Value for Tax Preparers


The most robust safety measures available for tax preparation businesses of all sizes, with Ransomware Rollback™ included.

The most secure option for the everyday tax preparer

One Less Obstacle to Success


Simplify your cyber security compliance with a team that understands your needs.  Get a complete solution tailored to your needs, from a sample WISP to 24/7 security support.

All-In-One Solution for You


Protect your clients and maintain IRS cybersecurity compliance with an all-in-one package designed for tax preparers.

What To Do Next

Contact Us for Guidance

Feel free to call, email, or book an appointment to receive additional information about a topic you're interested in. Our team will be happy to provide you with their expertise and answer any questions you may have.

Security Assessment

Ensure you are IRS-compliant with a free cyber security assessment from an AICPA-certified specialist. Book now and discover any gaps in your security measures.

Full Cyber Security Compliance

Join the ranks of fully compliant tax preparers with Ransomware Rollback™. Our cybersecurity measures surpass publication 4557 specifications, and you are provided with an IRS Cyber Security Plan and Incident Response Plan. Periodic reviews will ensure your continued compliance with legal requirements. Security protections align with IRS, NIST, FTC, and GLBA guidelines. Protect your clients' data with confidence.
Bellator Cyber Guard has been publicized numerous times.

The Most Experienced Team in IRS Cyber Security Compliance


Compliance Made Affordable

Get expert cybersecurity solutions for your tax preparation business without breaking the bank.

Protect Your Clients' Data

Elite security measures ensure that your clients' sensitive information is safe and secure.

24/7 Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your cybersecurity is always being monitored and protected by our team.

Flexible Solutions

Cancel anytime with no hassle or hidden fees. Custom packages are tailored to your specific needs.

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What is Required by the IRS?

Learn more about a WISP
What's required of Tax Professionals?

If you'd like to gain knowledge about the Written Information Security Plan that all tax professionals are required to have, this link takes you directly to the IRS's briefing on the data security plan created by the Security Summit.

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About Bellator

Bellator provides tax preparers with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to safeguard their businesses against cyber threats and maintain compliance with IRS regulations. With our expertise and tools, you can gain peace of mind and focus on serving your clients. Contact us today to learn more and protect your business.