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Bellator Cyber Guard - Tax Preparer's Choice for Cyber Security

Take Charge of Your Cyber Security

The Freedom to Practice in Peace

Your WISP is only the beginning. Total IRS Cyber Security Compliance for Tax Preparers with Ransomware Rollback™.


Accidents happen. Now you have a do-over.

A WISP Tailored for Your Individual Business


Receive an IRS compliant Written Information Security Plan and Action Plan.  Periodic updates to your Data Security Plan with experts certified with the AICPA keeps your business up to par.

Unmatched Value for Tax Preparers


The most robust security solution available for tax preparation businesses of all sizes, with Ransomware Rollback™ included.

The most secure option for the everyday tax preparer

One Less Obstacle to Success


Take the hassle out of your cyber security compliance with a team that effortlessly gets what you need done.

All-In-One Solution for You


Everything a Tax Preparer must have in order to ensure the safety of their clients and maintain their IRS cyber security compliance in one simple package.

What To Do Next

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Security Assessment

Book a complimentary cyber security assessment with a specialist certified with the AICPA to see if you are fully compliant with the IRS's cyber security expectations.

Full Cyber Security Compliance

Onboard to full compliance with Ransomware Rollback™.  All cyber security measures exceed publication 4557 specifications.  An IRS compliant WISP and Action Plan will be produced and sent to you including periodic reviews as required by law.  Protections are inline with guidance from the IRS, NIST, FTC, and GLBA.
Bellator Cyber Guard has been publicized numerous times.

The Most Experienced Team in IRS Cyber Security Compliance

Cost Efficient

Whether you are a large firm or a sole proporietor, Bellator is the most cost effective way to achieve compliance. The hard work is done for you so you can get back to what's important.

Elite Security

Contact one of Bellator's security specialists to see exactly how you can secure your clients with the most advanced cyber security tools.

24/7 Monitoring

Whether you are leaving your office, traveling with your laptop, or working from home, you can rest assured that your clients are safe with 24/7 monitoring and threat response.

Cancel Anytime

We provide no-hassle contracts that you can cancel at anytime.

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What is Required by the IRS?

Learn more about a WISP
What's required of Tax Professionals?

If you'd like to gain knowledge about the Written Information Security Plan that all tax professionals are required to have, this link takes you directly to the IRS's briefing on the data security plan created by the Security Summit.

Security Six Series

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You Get More From Compliance Through Bellator

About Bellator

IRS compliance and cyber security are both very in-depth subjects. Resources are available that help the tax preparer understand what is required and what they can do to keep their business digitally secure as well as legally compliant.