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What We Are About

After working with experts in the accounting industry, it was discovered that many EAs, CPAs, and sole proprietors had inadequate security measures for their clients. A large sample of the industry revealed major compliance lapses, with no reasonable solutions available. The serious legal consequences of failed compliance and the immense danger posed to clients in the event of a data breach necessitated a solution. Bellator Cyber Guard was founded to address these unmet cyber security needs of the tax preparation industry. The team at Bellator has collaborated with industry-leading partners to create a unique set of solutions that surpass anything clients have ever encountered in the tax preparation industry. With over 50 years of experience in telecommunications and digital infrastructure in its leadership, clients feel the difference with full IRS compliance through Bellator and can rest easy, knowing they are protected by the most advanced security tools available.

We Back Our Clients

With 24/7 monitoring and Bellator's personal touch, our clients experience exactly why we there is no substitute in cyber security.

We Do Whats Right

Bellator puts in the work that other companies aren't willing to.  You and your clients benefit from protection with cutting-edge security technology and the latest safety practices.

We Respect Others

The work doesn't end after you hang up the phone with a specialist. You experience from day one, all the way to your retirement, that you have a security team you can always rely on.  You are valued at Bellator.

Our Philosophy Stems From Our

Core Values


What you receive with Bellator far outweighs the cost. We do all the work with impeccable communication to ensure your life is made easier.


We have strong principles backed up by action. Our commitments are taken seriously and our clients are treated with respect.


We are 100% open and straightforward about how we practice as a company and what is involved in taking superior care of our clients.

Customer Commitment

From the day you start with Bellator until you retire, we take every step to provide you with the utmost positive experience. We deliver on our promises.

Ever Growing

We are committed to growth as a company and as individuals. This allows us to be at the cutting edge of technology and transmit what is within us to you as a client.


We love and are dedicated to what we do. We desire to improve the lives of our clients and our employees.


About Bellator

Your Tax Preparer's Hub: WISP, IRS Compliance & Cybersecurity Solutions. Simplify GLBA Compliance. Expert Support & Value-Driven Services for Peace of Mind.